Wellcome to the brand new website of Itzurun Comunicaciones: ICC.
ICC started up as a IT services company on 1994, at Zumaia, Spain, and got soon its main bussiness activity providing IT related services to spanish broadcasting enterprises that were, at that time, performing the technological evolution from analog systems to digital ones.
Actually ICC has its HeadQuarters at Cambrils, and has become the leading mother company of several IT projects: ICCBroadcast, Streaming-pro, Apps4Radio and Ecohosting among others, and is the authorized partner at Spain of Companies such as Hardata, MAYAH Comunications, AXEL Technologies or AudioScience, among others.
We have being providing and integrating solutions along with providing consulting at a wide range of technologies sucha as IT systems, networking, Radio and Television automation systems, Streaming and hosting provider services, website and mobile apps development, IP comunications and signal transport or microwave digital links.
Our knowledge, experience and successful career has made us to have been chosen as partner by several of the most important Broadcasting Corporations in Spain.


Web and Mobile development

Custom development

Custom Web and Mobile Apps development

If you are looking for someone to take care about putting your business, professional or personal needs in a webpage or mobile app, our team of professionals is at your disposal. At ICCBroadcast we do have a complete and experienced team of professionals that can team-work or co-work on complex, integrated, web, iOS and Android projects.

IT Systems

IT services

IT solutions for companies

We do provide integrated On-Premise, IAAS or PAAS services along with traditional sell, loan, leasing and managed leasing. We do provide consulting, and are specialists on systems virtualization or cloud migration on companies. Our portfolio includes a range of services such as Computing, Storage, Help-Desk and support, or ERP/CRM technical deploy among others.

ICC Networking


Networking solutions for companies

IP networking technologies in general forms the backbone of ICCBroadcast core bussinesses such as streaming, clustered systems, or IPS/IDS consulting services. Our experience allows us to offer our consulting, design, install, management or security audit services on corporate level networking. We do are CISCO,  Soekris and ALIX authorized partners.

ICC Telecommunications

IP Communications

IP telecommunications solutions

We are specialists on VoIP solutions for companies, offering consulting services, install and maintenance of integrated VoIP systems. We do team our partner hardware from Cisco/Linksys with both Asterisk hardware or virtual appliances or Cisco call managers. We install and manage WiFI or WiMAX datalinks, and also provide solutions to audio and video signal transport over IP.

ICC Broadcast solutions


IT solutions to Broadcast Companies

We do provide a range of multimedia and broadcasting oriented produtcs such as licensing, install, support and consulting on radio and television continuity and automation software, advertising management and scheduling software, software encoding, decoding and audio processing, and corporate channels design and deploy.

ICC Broadcast Hardware


Broadcast and IT Hardare

ICCBroadcast has been oficially authorized as hardware supplier by the wollowing partners: Broadcast Hardware from AXEL Technologies. Coding and decoding systems by MAYAH Comunications and Barix. IP Satellite Uplink, encoding and decoding solutions from MiniCASTER. Audio paging systems and computer audio interfaces by AudioScience. IT Systems Hardware by Fujitsu and Hewlett Packard

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