Audio automation

Hardata Dinesat


Hardata Dinesat and HDX Radio

ICCBroadcast, through its subsidiary project is the official distributor and reseller of Hardata in Spain.
We provide consulting, training, technical support and sales of product licenses for radio stations automation Hardata in both versions of the small and medium range Dinesat, and large chain solutions HDX Radio.
We offer PaaS / SaaS solutions equipment leasing + license + maintenance and technical support for Hardata discontinued versions.



Automatic management of advertising schedule

ICCBroadcast is Texcell Engineering authorized representative for Europe, and distributes its advertising management solutions.
TrafficSat software allow automatic complex advertising chedules programming on automation systems. TrafficSat automatically manages the planning and scheduling of advertising guidelines generating error free continuity patterns, connecting to remote automaition systems and inserting the generated programming.
ICCBroadcast can both sell and distribute licenses or can optionaly make leasing of computers with preinstalled license. We advise, train, and support integration of Texcell software with Hardata products range.

SAM Broadcast


SAM Broadcaster and SAMCast

ICCBroadcast is Spacial Audio authorized reseller to distribute SAM Broadcaster Automation software licenses.
SAM Broadcaster Automation systems include compatibility with integrated streaming platforms through its integrated software encoding and audio processing software: SAMCast. SAMCast can also be licensed separately.
SAM Broadcaster includes enhanced capacity for native file formats support beyond standard WAV audio, MPEG2, MP3 formats: adding MP3Pro, AAC, HE-AAC, FLAC, OGG / Vorbis, WindowsMedia.



WinMedia Radio

WinMedia Radio is a modular software suite, with a powerful native audio engine capable of performing processing tasks at higher speeds , mixing, editing and recording audio tracks in real time.
ICCBroadcast is authorized to act as official reseller and distribute WinMedia modular licensing system: The license fee is proportional to proportional functionality, so you pay only for what you need.
WinMedia Radio Suite provides a full range of solutions for all possible needs: publishing, broadcasting, advertising management, recording, podcast management ...

AXEl DJ-PRO Enterprise

AXEL Technologies

DJ-PRO Classic and DJ-PRO Enterprise

ICCBroadcast is authorized Axel Technology reseller, and this includes the range of software solutions Automation broadcasting classic DJ-PRO and DJ-PRO Enterprise.
Axel Technology Solutions DJ-PRO is software designed to meet the needs of radio automation, from ingest to the audio recording, programming, air emission, logging and certification of all operations.
DJ-PRO has a fully customizable modular architecture that can be adapted to the specific needs of any station or network, adapting to the technical requirements and internal organization.

CentovaCAST 3.2


Cloud hosted automated internet radio channels

ICCBoradcast offers solutions to Internet radio channel generation and management of automatic playlists by renting cloud storage managed by CentovaCast control panel.
Channel generation loading your media file from the web browser. Import M3U lists from Professional List genariot software sucha eas MusicOne or Maestro. Streaming service included in the system.

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