FALCON 3i is the most cost effective and high performing equipment combining Digital Audio Processor, Stereo Generator and RDS Encoder.
The all-in-one solution designed for FM broadcasting, WebRadio and Satellite stations.

FALCON 3i delivers a great sound, loud and clear, thanks to the 4-band architecture, the dual band AGCs, 3-band equalizer, speech detector, and 4 limiters.
The control of each audio parameter allows the broadcaster to achieve a unique tailored sound that before could be achieved only with the most expensive audio processors.

The built-in digital Stereo Generator assures an extremely precise MPX Signal.
The RDS Encoder (optional) is compliant to UECP SPB490, provides 2 DataSet with a wide range of static services, including Radio Text.

FALCON 3i features full connectivity with analogue and digital AES/EBU inputs and outputs (over XLR connectors) and 2 independent MPX outputs, USB, GPI and serial ports.
The hardware bypass circuit is always included to guarantee the presence of audio and continuity of audio programs.


  • 4-Band digital stereo audio processor
  • Analog and aes/ebu input and output over XLR
  • 2 MPX outputs and 2 aux inputs
  • Stereo generator with MPX clipper
  • Digital RDS encoder, 2 dataset (optional)
  • AGC, brilliance control, speech detector, 3-band eq
  • USB, serial, 4 GP in – 4 GP out
  • Front headphone output
  • Hardware bypass

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