FALCON 50 FM is Axel Technology’s top-of-range digital audio processor for FM Broadcasting.
With its 6-band processing design, it features the most up-to-date architecture and technologies.

FALCON 50 FM shapes your sound according to your needs.
It is well known that all broadcasters want to use their bandwidth completely, obtaining the greatest impact while still remaining in control of on-air deviation.
No matter of what the requirements are, FALCON 50 FM answers to the challenge, delivering consistent performance in the widest variety of artistic environments.
Under the lid, FALCON 50 FM reveals a powerful engine made of 6-Band core, a 2-band AGC stage, Stereo Enhancer, Super Bass Enhancer, Brilliance circuits, 3-band parametric equalizer, a superb MPX Stereo Generator.


  • Analog and Digital Stereo I/O
  • High Performance Stereo Generator
  • Bass enhancer + 3 bands EQ
  • Dual composite outputs
  • ITU-compliant MPX power control
  • 50 factory presets + 50 user-definible
  • Widest range of processing controls
  • Improved peak limiting system
  • Day-part automation
  • Remote Control via serial, USB & IP

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