HQ Scouting and Reporting, iOS Smartphone App, with OPUS, Live transmission and recording/logging. Intuitive instant broadcast on the fly, and it’s even for free. Whenever transmitting audio in high quality and low latency, MOBIphone is what you need. Download and try it now. By the way, latency is so low, that challenging real time interviewing changes in to being easy daily journalist workflow reality. Access to your phone book grants easy access and quick calls to other MOBIphone users, easily connecting to MAYAH audio codecs, such as C11, CENTAURI, C10, C12, etc. Reach your studio, radio station, production house or voice talent with the tip of your finger. Scouts can use this brilliant and easy to use new tool for their work. Instead of just writing or recording, MOBIphone instantly becomes to be a live transmission on-air tool, or can be received by a CENTAURI from where on MOBIphone transmitted data can be processed in real time or as a file in or to any desired format.

Get your own MOBI. Let us brand our MOBI for you. Your logo, and even special functions, e.g. integrating your server adress for storage, or your phonebook.

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