Platform As A Service solutions provide access to virtualized IT systems in the cloud without worrying about managing any cloud computing infrastructure. You, or your IT department staff, has to simply worry about how many servers they need, with what operating systems, what storage systems, network architecture and what they need.

Cloud datacenter

Cloud computing

Turnkey cloud infrastructure for companies

ICCBroadcast takes care of installing the infrastructure, configure, interconnect and install the operating system chosen.
Servers, workstations and NAS cabins are delivered, turnkey and ready for use. You should be concerned simply to install and configure your applications as well as the management and backup of your data.
We put at your fingertips a wide variety of server and desktop Operating systems: Microsoft Windows based, Linux based Debian, Ubuntu or CentOS server and desktop systems, and storage cabinets Linux / BSD FreeNas management operating systems, OpenMediaVault or Openfiler.

VPN Solutions

Cloud Ready!

Secure integration and connection with your brand new cloud resources.

Connection to your cloud infrastructure is simple and secure via VPN access, improving existing remote desktop solutions.
Your employees will have access, either through point to point connections between its facilities and VPN routers in the cloud, or by remote access connection for each user.
For a totally seamless experience, ICCBroadcast gives you the option of integrated VPN. We handle supply, install and setup VPN appliances at your facilities for interconnection with the cloud, as well as management of the certificates of their users.
You can take control of your virtual infrastructure VPN routing, or you can let ICCBroadcast be responsible for the management of user certificates: our solutions are very flexible PAAS.

Ip address

Internet trunk

High speed Internet trunk connection at your cloud infrastructure

Our solutions PAAS include at least one public IP interconnection with the Internet, with a 1Gbps fiber interconnection guarantees 300Mbps symmetrical around time.
If you wish, you can redirect all your web traffic to your cloud infrastructure, hire more bandwidth or hire additional public IPs: ICCBroadcast as the operator can assign IP RIPE or ARIN IP addresses based on your needs, so you can make servers to be directly reachable from the Internet.

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