Retransmission of events

Reduce Drastically your costs of transporting audio and video signals replacing traditional analog transmission systems like digital satellite uplinks or ISDN connections, by IP based systems, while you increase flexibility, signal quality at the destination and reduce delay.

Both to permanent deployments for radio or television stations to broadcast events, in ICCBroadcast we have the right solution for your scenario: transport point to point and point to multipoint technologies, low delay to real-time delay, software-based, hardware-based or mixed solutions, and regardless of the stage of IP connectivity.

Experience in the field of conventional Broadcast has joined from the beginning our commitment to IT technologies, allowing us to implement for years more advanced and efficient solutions than our competitors, and at prices much tighter in the field of transport over IP : We are official distributors of manufacturers of hardware encoding such as MAYAH or miniCASTER, we partnerhip other manufacturers like Matrox, FastVDO or BARIX, and as ISP operators we work with partners like Amazon, Skylogic or OVH, and have experience in connectivity scenarios Unicast or Multicast, both conventional IP networks and on our Virtual Private Networks IP transport solution.


IP Audio transport

Audio Transport

Audio signal transport over TCP/IP

Point to point real time audio delivery by RTP, UDP, MPEG / TS protocols. Point to multipoint delivery systems with Icecast2, or RTSP BRTP. Low latency codec Opus, SPEEX, G711, G722 or uncompressed WAV. Mp3 codecs general purpose and high compression codecs AAC and AAC-HE. Multipoint delivery technology  over wide minimum bandwidth through multicast VPN. Approved Hardware systems for issuing and receiving.

IP Video transport

Video Transport

Video signal transport over TCP/IP

Point-to-point transmission via hardware or software based encoders and decoders. Point-to-multipoint multicast or unicast under VPN through Wowza Stream Engine servers connected to our IP transport network. Standardized systems compatible with most currently existing encoding equipment or software. RTMP protocols and MPEG / TS to support standard H.264 video codec SD, HD and FullHD.

Signal broadcasting

Event Broadcasting

Fixed or mobile transport and broadcasting systems
Audio or video broadcasts over IP, anytime, anywhere. Wherever bandwidth fails or is insufficient miniCASTER comprehensive solution gives you a professional Internet connection via satellite, low latency, and upload bandwidths of up to 10 mbps. Book directly at the satellite your bandwidth needs and schedule on the website of our partner, Skylogic, comfortably and safely.Automatic and Vehicle self orienting satellite Antenna kits, mobile or fixed encoders, rackable or portable decoders and transcodersand everything you need to configure your mobile unit at unbeatable prices.

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