Network management

IP Network design, Deployment and management are core bussiness activities of ICCBroadcast. We have yeaars of experience managing complex networks that form the backbone of critical services of great Broadcasting Companies that trust on ICCBroadcast.
Our IT department actually manages a wide range of network scenarios that range from small bussiness, single isolated LANs, to big corporate internetwork deployments where local subnetworks are routed through site-to-site full mesh interconnection scenarios: So no matter how complex your needs are! we at ICCBroadcast will find, adjust, design, deploy and manage the optimal networking solution to your company needs, at a very competitive cost.


On-Premise networking

Network design, deploy and managment

We design network solutions with the required complexity and scalability. We can deploy everything up from cabling, install and rack setup. We do configure complete setups from LAN, and CampusLAN to WAN and VPN. We configure Layer 2 networking, VLAN or layer 3 routed networking. Switching systems, single, stacked, Layer3, and STP. We also setup IDS/IPS systems, Firewalling or VPN appliances. WAN load balancing, taffic shaping, AP deploy systems. WiFI/WiMAX indoor and outdoor.
We do join CISCO Systems partner program, and we are CISCO certified for CISCO systems deployment. All our networking staff has oficial Cisco Networking Academy certification.

Cloud networking

Cloud Networking

Branch your network structure into the cloud.

We have experience in cloud or virtualized network design and management. Our typical virtualized IAAS or PAAS systems usually go beyond traditional simple layer2 backbone inerconnection and do offer analog performance and complexity as on-premise networking installs.
We do design, loan o rent, key on hand, cloud network infraestructures, that may include, if asked to, complete management and monitoring.
We do add to the traditional plain VPN concept, the option of subnetwork or VLAN interconnection to the cloud, so you can grow on it as much as you want.

Network security

Networking security

Network security and monitoring.

Security is a seriously regarded matter at ICCBroadcast. Years of experience dealing with increasing threats on our biggest customer Internet Services provided by our systems has made us learn the hard way: Every day our systems do deal with a growing amount of cyberatacks and threats.
Now, our success makes us to go further and we offer our experience and know-how on installing, setup, manage and audit integrated IDS/IPS, Firewalling and VPN systems to secure your Company's network.
We do offer securing service both on on-promise, cloud, virtualized or mixed networking scenarios, and as always, we try to keep costs as low as possible.

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