Managed VPN

VPN Solutions

VPN custom design solutions

Virtual Private Network technologies create the backbone for the standard corporate sito-to-site or remote-user connections over the Internet.
Your users and emplyes will, with their desktops, laptops or mobile devices, connect remotely to the corporate network, using its network resources and work like if they were physically on their office desktop.
Remote offices or corporate sites, branches or teleworkers can be securely interconnected to the company HQs network infraestructure through the Internet, replacing old leased lines or expensive frame-relay links.
ICCBroadcast has years of experience managing VPN solutions: We can design, deploy and manage your spacifically tailored, professional performance, VPN solution.


VPN Remote user access

Remote Access VPN

Corporate network users remote access

Remote VPN access systems allow users to connect thair personal mobile devices such as laptops, tablets or smartphones to the corporate network, through a secure, stronply ciphered Intenet tunnel. Once connection is stablished the user’s device can normaly reach any network device or service from the remote network that could normally be allowed to use. Mobile workers can keep their work from airport, coffee or hotel hotspots as they move. Security strength and complexity can be configurable, and VPN clients are available to Windows, OSX or Linux OSs.

Remote SOHO

peer to peer VPN

Remote site or office interconnection

Peer to peer VPN systems allow to stablish connection between local networks on SOHO, corporate branch offices, or remote facilities, through secure and ciphered connections laid through Internet. Being a hardware based system, the solution provides full tranparent experience to the final user. Deployment is flexible and cost efficient: All remote sites could be connected to a central HQ or cloud network  in a star topology scenario, maybe just only a few sites, maybe a ring topology… Every scenario is unique and we have the experience and know-how you need!

VPN router

Appliances VPN

Hardware based VPN systems

The VPN appliances that ICCBroadcast deploys on its projects are based on hardware  solutions from our partners, that include some of the leading companies on routing and VPN hardware manufacturing. Our closed-system hardware based solutions rely on the CISCO systems product range, having ICCBroadcast technical staff the required Cisco Networking Academy CCNA official certification as required. Our OEM-based hardware systems are also based on proof systems from leading manufacturing companies like Soekris and PCEngines-ALIX along with BSD based routing operating systems.

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