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ICCBroadcast is your technology partner for video streaming complete solutions. Turnkey deployment, custom designed solutions and personalized advice for any video streaming scenario for your organization:
Live streaming services, estreaming content on demand, cloud transcoding, insertion of logo, CDN hosting solutions, video encoders hardware and software development platforms and web streaming playback applications for mobile devices.


Wowza Streaming Engine


Wowza Streaming Engine

Wowza Streaming Engine is the platform leader in video streaming systems. Live Streaming, Video On Demand, Transcoding, logo insertion, adaptive streaming to client bandwidth and secure streaming encryption are just some of the features of Wowza Streaming Engine. Encoding Audio / Video H.264 over RTMP, RTMPS, HLS, or HTTP protocols Silverlight among others. Video sources intake RTP, RTSP, RTMP covering the vast majority of hardware video encoders, software and IP cameras. Relay systems and clustering.

Red5 Media Server


Red5 Media Server

Red5 Media Server is an OpenSource solution based on Adobe Flash Media Server that allows you to configure services for live and on demand streaming at unbeatable costs. Red5 uses the RTMP protocol for intake and delivery of streaming video, and support all standard audio and video from the MPEG family. Red5 is suitable for simple Video On demand solutions, video recording,  and for video intake and sending in corporate applications such as video conferencing or video surveillance.

Icecas2 Media Server


Icecast2 Media Server

Icecast2 is much more than an audio streaming server and ICCBroadcast knows it! If until version 2.3 Icecast2 supported the open Theora video standard, from version 2.4 Icecast2 getting back ahead technologically in terms of codecs supported, to include WebM open video standard: Google VP8-9 Video Codec + Vorbis Opus Audio Codec! A combination of compression and unsurpassed quality! And all this with the robustness, reliability, scalability and cost of traditional solutions based on Icecast2.

Content Delivery Network


Content Delivery Network

Release your web hosting solution of the heavy burden of storing large volumes of video data for delivery on demand: increase the speed and response time of your Web servers, and all this at the same time you reduce costs. Contentent Delivery Network solutions to video enable you to upload your video material to the cloud only once, at a single point, geolocalize customer requests and deliver the material from the nearest possible server unmatched user experience !

Cloud online Transcoding

Cloud online Transcoding

Transcode your streaming video signals without expensive hardware systems while you reduce your upload bandwidth needs and increase reliability and efficiency. Cloud transcoding solutions allows you to upload a single high-quality video signal to the transcoding system in the cloud, and get in turn a configurable range of streams to choose from: change formats, bitrates, resolutions, insert logos … a whole range of possibilities at a cost without competition.

Web player development

Mobile and Web player development

Manage the delivery of your streaming video, integrate it into your web platform and expand it through applications for mobile devices: Our development department will allow you to realize your video streaming project, whether it’s web platform, or devices Andoid phones or IOS. We have long expriencia in the development and operation of web players with flash, HTML5 and JavaScript technologies. We advise on advertising strategies, profitability and site positioning.

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