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ICCBroadcast offers years of experience in the domain management, and providing traditional ISP services.
Boost your project with our web hosting systems, capacity and proven safety, which are serving million players daily sessions for companies like World Editorial Broadcast Unit, Vaughan or IbizaGlobaRadio.
From traditional email, storage, web, FTP, database or CDN systems to custom Ruby on Rails or laravel framework environments... tell us your web project idea and let ICCBroadcast put it at your fingertips: Integrated solutions at really competitive prices.


High Quality Hosting

Professional Hosting

Performance, security and respect for the environment

Clustered and virtualized environment for high disponibiliad and redundancy. NGINX and Apache2 servers. Balancing and cache systems for high performance. Protected environment filtering IDS / IPS, Firewalling, Hostile IP blocking systems and integrated DDoS traffic detection network backbone, give the highest possible security to our customers.

Mail Hosting

Mail servers

Email with integrated webmail client.
Traditional mail services: corporate domain, mailboxes, redirects, collects all mailboxes, mailing lists, etc. AntiSPAM system and configurable filters. Webmail client service based on Roundcube mail. Integration of webmail client on the corporate website. Protocols SMTP, SMTPS, POP3, POP3S, IMAP and IMAPS and tunneling TLS. Integration with major mail clients.
Web control Panel

GUI Control Panel

Secure and easy hosting control panel

Manage your ISP services through web control panel. ISPConfig3 based ISP services panel. Manage your web, mail, and database users, FTP and WebDAV  services and users ,as well as DNS system  management for your sites.

CLI Shell

RAD Ready!

Rapid Application development environments

Web hosting ready for rapid development environment. Turnkey Ruby On Rails or laravel solutions. We do Implement solutions tailored to any environment: Django, Zend2, Yii SSH access without certificates to JailKit securized userspace.


Database servers

Local and remote access your databases

Simple or clustered databases hosting. MySQL and MariaDB/Galera servers. Database and database users management from web panel. PhpMyAdmin Web client. Integration of PhpMyAdmin MySQL client in your web hosting service.



Content Delivery Network

 Content Delivery Network for fast delivery of static web content such as images, PDFs, etc. CDN management services through ISPConfig3 panel. Take a look at aditional ICCBroadcast CDN services for audio and video on demand, along with live streaming solutions.

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